Show Us How Technology Has Changed Your Life

11 03 2008

Technology GadgetWhat would you do without your cell phone or your MySpace page?

Can you imagine trying to survive in a world where there was no Internet?

What do you think the future may hold for the evolution of technology?

Will there be a day when we wear mini-computers in our eyeglasses, or even have them attached to our bodies or hidden under our skin? Certain scientists are already theorizing these exact things.

We want to know what you think about all these issues.

Teen Tech Week kicked off on March 2nd, but you have the entire month to show us your creative side. Select libraries are holding photography and writing contests, with the subject, “Show Us How Technology Has Changed Your Life.”

Winners will be judged based on expert, as well as teen opinion (not that you guys aren’t experts). Winning work will be posted to the TeenSpace Blog. Entries are due by March 31st.

Participating Libraries (call for details):

Bowie — (301) 262-7000

Largo-Kettering — (301) 336-4044

Laurel (photography only) — (301) 776-6790

Surratts-Clinton (photography only) — (301) 868-9200

Upper Marlboro (photography only) — (301) 627-9330


1001 Songs You Must Hear

5 03 2008

Hillcrest Heights Graffiti WallWhat are your favorite songs at the moment? Who do you think are the greatest musical artists today?

Now’s your chance to let everyone know about all the great music they’ve been missing out on. Share your thoughts and opinions in BIG, BOLD, brilliant color by taking part in your local library branch’s Graffiti Wall.

It’s up to you to be as creative as you want. Write just a song title, or go all-out and draw a picture of your favorite artist. The graffiti wall is your space to express yourself!

Libraries participating: Beltsville, Bowie, Fairmount Heights, Glenarden, Hillcrest Heights, Largo-Kettering, Surratts-Clinton. Call for more details.