What’s your opinion?

16 09 2009

yellingDo you have an opinion on issues like politics, health care reform, world affairs or sports? I’m sure you do and your 9th grade social studies class is not always the most exciting place to share.

Check out Next Gen Journal, a site where teens and twentysomethings are writing original essays outlining their thoughts and opinions on these topics and more. And if you have something to share on world events, this is the place to be heard 🙂


MTV to host Inaugural Ball for Obama

1 12 2008

mtvAlright you young’uns… I know everyone is going crazy making plans for the Inauguration (January 20). But now MTV has jumped into the fray with plans for an Inauguration Ball to honor the youth-voter turnout.

A record 24 million people between the ages of 18 and 29 turned out to “Rock the Vote” and helped to get Barack Obama elected, accounting for 18 percent of the total number of voters.

The MTV-sponsored event, entitled Be the Change Inaugural Ball, will be televised live on all MTV affiliates here and across the globe. It will be held in downtown Washington, DC at the Ronald Reagan Building.

The hundreds of young people chosen to attend will be picked based on their demonstrated volunteerism. You can sign up on ServiceNation’s site (the co-sponsor) for a chance to win tickets!