TOKYOPOP Internships

12 04 2010

Do you love manga? Are you an amazing artist or gifted designer? If you’re about to graduate high school or are in college and looking for an internship in the graphic novel world, TOKYOPOP (publisher of Fruits Basket, Vampire Kisses, Princess Ai, Chibi Vampire and Tokyo Mew Mew) is hiring!

Check here to see if you qualify.


Are Video Resumes the next big thing?

16 03 2010

From an article in Cynopsis: Classified Advantage. . .

Are Video Resumes the Next Big Thing?

No.  And let me tell you why.

Video resumes are long, even the short ones, (about one minute) take much more time than the average scan (10-15 seconds) of a written resume.

There is no software that scans and categorizes video resumes as there is with written resumes.  Big companies rely heavily on this software to fill positions.

Video files use a lot more space on computers than written files.  A compressed, one minute video in quicktime is about 6MB, a two page document in Word is about 30KB.  In storage terms, a company can store 204 written resumes for every one video resume.  Now imagine 1000 applicants sending video resumes.  That’s 5.56 gigabytes of hard drive space for one position.

Companies are often wary that video resumes can lead to legal quagmires regarding hiring practices based on appearances.

An embarrassing video resume can often end up in the wrong hands and land on YouTube, as a joke.

Not all people present well on camera, due to poor lighting, camera work, staging or on air personality.  These videos do much more harm than good.

There can be compatibility issues with video formats.

Many email providers will not allow large attachments to be sent.  Your video resume must conform to their rules.

But if you must create a Video Resume, here are some rules:
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Teen Job Zone

18 03 2008

job-seeker-resume.jpgWant to earn some extra cash this summer, but have no idea how to find or land that perfect job?

No problem. You’ve entered the Teen Job Zone. Select libraries are holding interviewing and resume workshops this March and April, for teens aged 13-18.

Tips include how to ace the application process, and a guide to using Metro in order to get to the loads of interviews you’re sure to land.

For details, dates, and locations, click here.

Sign up now at your library’s information desk, and be well on your way to earning those sweet greenbacks!