Nerd Girls

21 07 2008

Newsweek wrote an awesome article about how smart girls are not the uncool geeks they used to be. Nerd Girls are now rising up in the world and earning some serious respect. Check out this video from a documentary by Paolo di Florio and Karen Johnson. And rock out your inner nerd, girls 🙂


Interested in computer programming?

21 04 2008

UMD LogoThe University of Maryland’s Department of Computer Science has a Java Passport Program for middle and high school students. Aimed at females, African-Americans, and Latinos, the program encourages kids to go into the fields of Math and Computer Science. This is a very cool idea, guys. You will be exposed to designing, implementing and testing computer programs using JavaScript. And we all know that computer people make good money, right? So why not get a head start on the competition?

This program is competitive and there are limited spaces available. So act fast! Oh, and there is no cost for attending, you just have to have transportation. Here’s a link to the application information which is due May 30, 2008.