Ask Obama or McCain a question during a debate

26 09 2008

Yes, you too may have the chance to get your ‘oh-so-important’ question answered by one of our presidential candidates. Teens are being encouraged to submit questions for an upcoming debate. The deadline to submit a question is 3:00 pm (Eastern time) on September 29 through this website:

Senators McCain and Obama have committed to answering the 14 questions young Americans choose as most important to them in the Walden University Presidential Youth Debate. The candidates video responses will air October 20 online at

Here’s your chance — speak up!


Voting and the Election – what do you think?

7 02 2008

VoteSo with more energy surrounding the presidential candidates than in past campaigns, what are your thoughts about the people running for our nation’s highest office? A lot has been made about the different ways that many of these candidates are trying to reach out to their voters. And for once, the youth vote is actually playing a role. Helping the cause are the politicians’ children. For example, Republican Mitt Romney’s sons have a blog called Five Brothers that they maintain from the campaign trail. Republican John McCain’s daughter, Meghan, also keeps a blog — the McCainBlogette (which looks very cool, by the way). On the Democrat side, Barack Obama’s children are a little too young, but he does have a MySpace page, as does Hillary Clinton.

To add fuel to the fire, there is even an article in the New York Times about how the voting age should be lowered to 16. Would this make a difference in the election? Maybe. Would more people take advantage of their right to vote? I don’t know…