About Beltsville’s TAB

Who are We?
The Teen Advisory Board is a dedicated group of teens, ages 13- 18, from the city of Beltsville and surrounding communities served by the Beltsville Public Library who are interested in having a say in what the library does for them.

Beltsville TAB

What Do We Do?
The Teen Advisory Board’s goal is to promote library services to teens at the Beltsville Library by:

  • Advising, Planning and Implementing Teen Programs
  • Promoting Ideas, Reading, Programming and Expression by and for teens by creating bulletin boards and displays for the Teen Zone.
  • Recommending Books, Movies, Music CDs and Magazines for the teen collection.
  • Creating an Inviting Area for teens in the library.

What Will I Get Out of It?

  • Something interesting and fun to do!
  • Having a say in materials and programs at the Beltsville Library.
  • Personal satisfaction in serving your community and peers.
  • Opportunity to meet new people.
  • Community service looks excellent on college applications and job applications.

How Much of Time Commitment is Required?

  • TAB meets once a month on the first or second Saturday of every month, except December.
  • Meetings last approximately 2 hours.

How Do I Join TAB?

  • Fill out a TAB application from the library’s website or pick one up at your local library!

One response

24 09 2009

i think this is a very good start miss karen, but needs a bit more! dont worry im sure you’ll think of something a little funky to spice it up a bit but so far so good. btw, when I sed “otay” i meant tht ok, i would go on the website & check it out.

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