TOKYOPOP Internships

12 04 2010

Do you love manga? Are you an amazing artist or gifted designer? If you’re about to graduate high school or are in college and looking for an internship in the graphic novel world, TOKYOPOP (publisher of Fruits Basket, Vampire Kisses, Princess Ai, Chibi Vampire and Tokyo Mew Mew) is hiring!

Check here to see if you qualify.


Another Twilight book? YES!

31 03 2010

Attention Twi-hards! You can stop re-reading all your worn copies of Twilight, Eclipse, etc. and take a break from watching Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner for one second (really, just one second). I have some news.

Stephenie Meyer is releasing a brand new novella based on a character introduced in Eclipse called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. It will be released on June 5. Yay!

Are Video Resumes the next big thing?

16 03 2010

From an article in Cynopsis: Classified Advantage. . .

Are Video Resumes the Next Big Thing?

No.  And let me tell you why.

Video resumes are long, even the short ones, (about one minute) take much more time than the average scan (10-15 seconds) of a written resume.

There is no software that scans and categorizes video resumes as there is with written resumes.  Big companies rely heavily on this software to fill positions.

Video files use a lot more space on computers than written files.  A compressed, one minute video in quicktime is about 6MB, a two page document in Word is about 30KB.  In storage terms, a company can store 204 written resumes for every one video resume.  Now imagine 1000 applicants sending video resumes.  That’s 5.56 gigabytes of hard drive space for one position.

Companies are often wary that video resumes can lead to legal quagmires regarding hiring practices based on appearances.

An embarrassing video resume can often end up in the wrong hands and land on YouTube, as a joke.

Not all people present well on camera, due to poor lighting, camera work, staging or on air personality.  These videos do much more harm than good.

There can be compatibility issues with video formats.

Many email providers will not allow large attachments to be sent.  Your video resume must conform to their rules.

But if you must create a Video Resume, here are some rules:
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Are you hanging on to your old Legos?

3 03 2010

You know you played with Legos when you were younger. Heck, maybe you still do! And why not? Legos are amazingly creative and fun toys that allow you to build entire worlds.

Well, for those of you with sets of Legos sitting in the corners of your rooms or backs of your closets collecting dust because you just can’t bear to throw them away — here’s the perfect solution. The Bowie Branch Library is starting a Lego Club for kids ages 6-12. It will meet every Thursday afternoon in July and August. But, they need your help. The program needs donations of Legos:

  • Lego Starter Sets
  • Basic Bricks
  • Toy Story
  • Star Wars
  • Creator
  • any other Lego toys

The sets do not have to be complete, but they should be relatively clean and in good condition. Donations can be dropped off at the Children’s Department of the Bowie Branch Library.

Last book in “Hunger Games” trilogy

16 02 2010

Something to think about for those of you who may still be snowbound… Scholastic has announced the last title in the Hunger Games trilogy. It will be called Mockingjay, and the cover appears to your left.

For those who have read the series, you are familiar with the image of the mockingjay that appears on all three covers. But this last is by far the brightest of the the three and the bird appears in flight. What could it mean? Find out when the book is released on August 24!

Keep your lips off!

18 12 2009

A movie theater in the UK has banned girls from kissing, hugging or otherwise engaging in any sort of public displays of affection with a life-size cardboard cutout of Twilight star Robert Pattinson. Why, you ask? Because of the spread of germs, silly! Who wants to say they caught swine flu from Edward Cullen? Well, if you put it that way…

Tops for 2008…

18 12 2008

fireworksThe Nielsen Company tracks the most popular trends among Americans – everything from music to TV shows to books and consumer goods. Here is a sample of the what most Americans shopped for, listened to and watched during 2008.

Top TV Program: American Idol

Top Website: Google

Top Movie: The Dark Knight

Top Album: As I Am – Alicia Keys

Top Downloaded Song: Low by Flo Rida featuring T-Pain

Top Cellphone: Motorola RAZR

Top Video Game Console: Playstation 2