Create your own book cover…

3 11 2009

Judging a book by it’s cover – yes, it’s something we ALL do. But have you ever read a book with a lame cover and thought that you totally could have done a better job designing it?

Well, now’s your chance. You can “Create Your Debut YA Cover” and post it for the world to see over at the 100 Scope Notes blog. There is already a gallery where other people have done the same. So, show us what you got!




One response

30 11 2009
Ms. Nicky Whitmire

I had a wonderful opportunity to work with the TAB Teens of Hillcrest Heights on scrapbooking. They created some awesome projects, they were really good kids kids to work with and I hope that I will get to work with them on other projects in the future. My goal is to always help kids, teens, and adults to realize how special they are and not only that but to start a legacy that they will be able to past down to their children and their children’s children (preserving their memories, telling their story). Thank you guys and see you soon.

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