New Twilight movie poster

14 10 2008

With the Twilight movie premiering in a few short weeks — well, kind of — November 21, 2008, a new movie poster has been released that really shows off Edward’s most notable character traits…




6 responses

25 11 2008

hat movie was so kool i can’t even begin to tell you…you should see it for your self

25 11 2008

that movie was so cool i loved it i is the movie of the year :)(:

4 12 2008

By FAR my favorite movie ever, going to see it for the 3rd time this weekend i loved it! EVERYONE SHOULD GOO SEE IT!

24 12 2008

yeah the movie was good…but the BOOK IS ABOUT 1000000X TIMES BETTER
if you have only seen the movie..your not a true fan/…..only because you dont even know the half of it..there is so so so so much you dont know about

22 01 2009

your so hot

22 01 2009

I assume you mean Robert Pattinson? 🙂

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