You and the law

12 08 2008

Do you know the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor? Does your school have the right to block MySpace and Facebook? Can a police officer read your text messages? Do you know your rights if you get pulled over?

These are some pretty important questions – and all of them can be answered on AskTheJudge: Answers For Teens About the Law, a site run by Judge Tom Jacobs. Information on the law for teens is not always readily available, so this is a great resource. Be sure to check it out (although I hope you’ll never really need it), but everybody should know their rights.




One response

15 01 2009
Tom Jacobs

Thanks for mentioning
We strive to keep the nation’s tweens & teens current regarding their legal rights and responsibilities. Keep watching for continuing stories about the Inauguration [your voting rights], texting & sexting, Internet activities and cyberbullying, and your rights at home, school and on the job. Join the discussion and write us, and sign up for our free Newsletter.
Judge Tom

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