Teen Job Zone

18 03 2008

job-seeker-resume.jpgWant to earn some extra cash this summer, but have no idea how to find or land that perfect job?

No problem. You’ve entered the Teen Job Zone. Select libraries are holding interviewing and resume workshops this March and April, for teens aged 13-18.

Tips include how to ace the application process, and a guide to using Metro in order to get to the loads of interviews you’re sure to land.

For details, dates, and locations, click here.

Sign up now at your library’s information desk, and be well on your way to earning those sweet greenbacks!




2 responses

5 05 2008

well i was amused of what you have done and i’am proud that you are doing well

26 03 2009
Peter Care

I was able to find and get a jobs after getting some ideas visiting the site I referenced.
The is house sitting for the area when people I know take their families on vacation. I get access to the entire house, free food and cable and get paid for nice.

My mom and dad can call anytime to check-up on me and I have lots of free time to study and watch TV.

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