New Movies

14 01 2008

Well, it may be awhile before we get to see new episodes of our favorite TV shows with the writer’s strike STILL going on… In the meantime, you can catch up on the latest movies to come in at the library. *Yes, you do need to be 18 to check out movies, but be sure to bug your parents – or better yet – petition the library to lower the age restriction!

14081408 Based on the short story by Stephen King, 1408 follows supernatural writer Michael Enslin as he researches his latest book. Determined to check out room 1408 in a New York City hotel by staying as a guest, Enslin is about to find out that once guest check in – they don’t check out.

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DisturbiaDisturbia After his father’s death, Kale Brecht becomes sullen, withdrawn, and troubled — so much so that he finds himself under a court-ordered sentence of house arrest after a run-in with the law. Tired and bored with being stuck inside day-after-day, Kale becomes a voyeur, constantly watching the windows of his neighbors. But Kale begins to suspect that one of his neighbors is a serial killer. Are his suspicions the result of cabin fever and the result of an overactive imagination?

DreamgirlsDreamgirls Three young women – Deena Jones, Effie White, and Lorrell Robinson – desire to become pop stars and get their wish when they’re picked to be backup singers for the legendary James “Thunder” Early. But when it’s decided that Deena should be a lead singer, the drama has begun.

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Epic MovieEpic Movie An obvious satire of many of the recently released “epic” movie adventures, this film features four not-so-young orphans: one raised by a curator at the Louvre, another a refugee from Mexican “libre” wrestling, the third a recent victim of snakes on her plane, and the fourth a “normal” resident of a mutant “X”-community. Throw in a chocolate factory, an enchanted wardrobe and some wizardry – and you’ve got the makings of an epic movie!

Freedom WritersFreedom Writers Based on the book The Freedom Writer’s Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World Around Them by the Freedom Writers and Erin Gruwell. This is the true story about a teacher in a racially divided school who gives her students what they’ve always need – a voice.

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Harry Potter Phoenix Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix It’s another year at Hogwarts for Harry Potter and his friends. The previous year, he witnessed not just the death of Cedric Diggory, but also the return of the Dark Lord, Voldemort. The ministry of magic doesn’t believe everything Harry says and will do anything to keep everyone calm. Hogwarts begin changing, especially when Dolores Umbridge arrives to take over the school. Now, with Voldemort’s army getting closer, Harry and his friends must teach themselves and form an army to take on the upcoming threat.

Heart of the Game The Heart of the Game This movie captures the passion and energy of a Seattle high school girls’ basketball team, the eccentricity of their unorthodox coach, and the incredible true story of one player’s fight to play the game she loves.

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Pursuit of Happyness The Pursuit of Happyness Based on Chris Gardner’s autobiography, this movie tells the motivational story of how struggling salesman Gardner and his wife worked to support their young son. When Gardner is inspired to become a stockbroker, his wife leaves him and he clings to his dream as he and his son face even more daunting obstacles. Together, father and son struggle through homelessness, jail time, tax seizure and despair in a quest that would make Gardner a respected millionaire.

Simpsons MovieThe Simpsons Movie The city of Springfield orders a cleanup of polluted Lake Springfield and bans waste dumps there. However, someone forgot to tell Homer Simpson that, and when he dumps a silo of “Pig poop” in it, he inadvertently dooms Springfield, his family, and himself.

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Stomp the YardStomp the Yard After the death of his brother, an expert street dancer goes to Georgia to attend Truth University. But his efforts to get an education and woo the girl he likes are sidelined when he joins in his fraternity’s effort to win a step dancing competition.




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