Attention Scott Westerfeld fans!

5 10 2007

ExtrasFor those of you who have read and enjoyed Scott Westerfeld‘s Uglies trilogy, be aware that he has written an additional title. It is a few years after Tally Youngblood has taken down the ruling regime at the end of Specials, but Extras promises to be just as exciting because popularity rules in this book and it’s your rank that counts. is hosting a contest for those 13+ from October 12 through November 13. To enter the contest, go to their “Submit” page and read the Mission they have posted there. Based on that Mission, write and submit your own story for a chance to win some cool prizes! (You will have to register on their site to participate.)

We have Extras on order, so look it up in the catalog and place a hold, or ask a librarian for help.




15 responses

10 11 2007

i i finished the extras it is sooo good i love you scott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love aya too. she is such a graet carictor

2 12 2007


2 12 2007

your books are soooooooooo awesome you should so get them made into a movie it would sell 2 times more then harry potter

11 12 2007
Sydney Oliva

Make a movie please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 01 2008

this ia cool

10 01 2008

Your book’s are asome

23 01 2008

Make a movie ,Make a movie ,Make a movie , Please!!

27 01 2008

yeah and me as the the main charater!!!

24 05 2008
Tiffany R

omg, I love your books they are wicket and I REALLY think that you should make the uglies trilogy into one flim.

24 06 2008

OMG!!!!!!! i absolutely fell in love with the uglies trilogy. but i still have to read the “EXTRAS”…. you know what…. you should make a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would rock!!!!!>>>>!!!!!>>>>!!!!<<<<!!!<<<<!!!

24 08 2008

I read Uglies in 3 days, and my what an absolutely gripping story. I had to read MORE!!! I have to say when I began Extras I was sad Tally was not the main character. But I enjoyed the book anyway!

14 09 2008

your books are so awesome and the series as a movie would totally money-making. i’ve only read one and i’m hooked!!!!!!!!!

15 12 2008

I like your books but none can compare to the uglie’s trilogy and offcoarse extras.If you haven’t noticed everyone is asking for a movie so PLEASE make one or try to.I know it’s hard but try and like Alonna said it would be totally money-making

9 11 2009

Hi! I live in Sweden and I’ve just read specials, n I love it! Scott! please you have to make a movie! w(@o@)w

22 10 2010

OMG! i just finished specials 5 minutes ago i NEED Extras!!!!! i started sobbing when Zane died imean i want her to be with David but Zane was such a good guy with brain problems.

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