7 Secrets for the First Day of School

22 08 2007

Sean Covey, the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, has some words of advice for the start of the school year in his new book The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make:


  1. Believe you can — Everyone is capable, even those who have learning disabilities, have done poorly in the past or have no family support.
  2. Show up — So many kids skip class and wonder why they get bad grades. If you show up to class, good things happen.
  3. Do extra credit — Many students don’t take advantage of extra credit. The assignments are usually pretty easy, can get you extra points and help you prepare for tests.
  4. Get on your teachers’ good side — Say “hello” to your teachers and be friendly. Show them respect.
  5. Be strong in the red zone — In football, the red zone is the final 20 yards before reaching the goal line. In school, the red zone is crunch time at the end of the semester.
  6. Gather your resources — Get others involved in helping you get good grades.
  7. Develop smart study habits — You have lots of other stuff going on in your life, so smart study habits are a must!

If you’re interested in Covey’s books, we’ve got them both. Check out our catalog and let us help you start of the school year on the right foot.




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